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GS22 Platform Trailer

Very hard-to-find. Available later with 'Farm green' Land Rover

1487 Milk Churns

Super clean example

GS38 Monte Carlo Rally 1965 Gift Set

Inexpensive set in reproduction box

GS38 Monte Carlo Rally 1965 Gift Set

Superb original models in reproduction box

252 Rover 2000

Maroon edition in very good condition

328 Hillman Imp Monte Carlo

Interesting example with yellow seats

RT33501 Jaguar E Type 2+2 Fastback

Hornby-Corgi 2023 re-issue. As new but slight damage to bubble.

GS22 Land Rover + Trailer

Hard to find elements of the Farming Gift set

210 Citroën DS19

Original example in good condition

210 Citroën DS19

Possible repaint in all metallic green

404 Bedford Dormobile

Very nice metallic maroon edition

1118 International Army Truck

In excellent condition

438 Land Rover

First edition with 'frame' window

GS17/19 Land Rover

First edition with 'frame' window

248 Chevrolet Impala

Scarce edition with cast wheels

220 Chevrolet Impala

Worn example with fixed shaped wheels

382 Porsche 911S Targa

Damaged but too nice to discard

343 Pontiac Firebird

Nice, with 'red spot' wheels but missing a dashboard

200 Ford Consul

Super example in mushroom

200 Ford Consul

Rare non-mechanical edition in blue

209 Riley Pathfinder Patrol Car

Well played-with but all original

204 Rover 90

Nice original in unusual pale green-ivory

222 Renault Floride

Scarce with fixed shaped wheels and in very nice condition

219 Plymouth Suburban Sports Saloon

Very nice model with the cream base (not grey). Early edition with smooth wheels.

481 Chevrolet Impala Police Patrol

Early edition with shaped wheels, complete with original aerial

482 Chevrolet Impala Fire Chief

Early edition with shaped wheels, complete with original aerial

Gift Set 2 Land Rover

Very nice example in fawn with cream canopy. I am waiting for a #102 Pony Trailer in similar condition but available alone in the meantime

Gift Set 4 Country Farm Set

This is hard to find and only available for a short time in 1972/3 before the hay and the two village idiots were replaced by sheep and fences

260 Renault 16

Very nice example with just Renault 16 on the base and grey ring on hook.

260 Renault 16TS

Very nice example with Renault 16TS on the base and red ring on hook

202 Renault 16TS

The scarce Whizzwheels edition with Reanault 16 "TS" on the base. Excellent condition.

322 Rover 2000 International Rally

with original 322 box

238 Jaguar Mk X

Nice model in dark cerise

211 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Rare edition with 211S base!

424 Ford Zephy Estate

Very good in two-tone blue with red interior

213S Jaguar 2.4 Fire Manager

Excellent S model, scarce with smooth wheels

220 Chevrolet Impala

Salmon edition, excellent but faded upper paint

R324 Marcos 1600GT

As new, with Certificate and slightly damaged box

This is just a selection of items that have come into stock recently. To view more information just click on any of the images. Very recent items may not have a link so just contact me if you are interested in any of these and I can advise the price and condition and maybe reserve something for you.

Below are models that are new issues from Hornby Hobbies Ltd., who have utilised some of the casting and design work of the Corgi Model Club to create different models in what they describe as their Vintage Corgi Toys range. Unlike the Corgi Model Club editions, these are not limited issues and should be available for anyone to acquire and I don't see any need to keep any in stock myself. My links, therefore, go directly to the Hornby Hobbies Ltd. website and I receive no commission from these sales. I just think that many collectors will be interested in this exciting development. Like the Corgi Model Club re-issues, these are all made in China which is unfortunate in a sense as I am sure we should be able to make these in Britain but, so far, the quality of production has been excellent and if you liked the originals then these will appeal too.

RT22801 Volvo P1800

RT33001 Porsche Carrera 6

RT33501 Jaguar E Type 2+2

RT32001 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2