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The models illustrated below are recent additions to stock and most are available to purchase at my on-line store. The images should link to the appropriate store page but if that doesn't work, just visit the store here and search for what you'd like.

Copy Prototype Display Van

Super copy of this planned model based on the 426 Smith's Carrier.

Copy Prototype Citroën Hearse

Good copy of the planned hearse using the 436 Citroën Safari with uniformed driver

Mettoy CWS Karrier Bantam

The pre-Corgi issue from Mettoy, later issued as Corgi's catalogue model 455. Highly sought-after in such good condition with nice paintwork and complete rear transfer. £240

60 Fordson Power Major

Nice example with red plastic wheels £65

202 Morris Cowley

Excellent example with super original box £100

202 Morris Cowley

Nice original model £40

202 Morris Cowley

A lovely two-tone edition

203M Vauxhall Velox

Good Mechanical model with working motor £50

204M Rover 90

Nice example in bright green with good motor

204M Rover 90

A very nice example of the less common edition with a working friction motor and an original, albeit well worn, M-type box. £90

204 Rover 90

Two-tone edition. All original. £45

204 Rover 90

Very scarce edition without the Mechanical motor. Price TBA

206M Hillman Husky

Very rare edition in turquoise. All original and with working motor. Price TBA

206 Hillman Husky

Nice example of this model in fawn. All original. £45

207M Standard Vanguard III

Very good condition with working motor and type i base £85

214M Ford Thunderbird

Nice mechanical issue. All original with working motor. £100

224 Bentley Continental

In green and cream and in beautiful condition with original box. £130

224 Bentley Continental

In black and silver and in beautiful condition with original box. £135

225 Austin Seven

Rare in primrose. No suspension wires (factory fault) but great paintwork. £120

226 Morris Mini-Minor

All original model with Type 1c base £30

233 Heinkel Trojan Economy Car

Play-worn model in red £25

R237 Oldsmobile "Sheriff" Car

Corgi Model Club edition £55

238 Jaguar Mark X

Metallic silver blue edition

241 Ghia L6.4

A lovely variation in metallic sage green with a cream interior. Very good chrome, clear windows and sound suspension with a good original box. £145

241 Ghia L6.4

Another chance to own this very rare model. This one has had some suspension repair but is all original, with original box. £275

241 Ghia L6.4

A very special item, the Ghia model in very rare copper finish. Excellent paintwork and sound suspension. Superb and very valuable with an original box. £475

241 Ghia L6.4

The more common edition in deep metallic blue with a red interior and excellent bright, undamaged chrome and sound suspension. This also has a good original box. £130

245 Buick Riviera

An early issue in pale blue with excellent chrome and pretty good paintwork. £55

245 Buick Riviera

A very scarce edition with cast wheels. Unfortunately the model is in poor condition with broken suspension, some windows and Trans-o-lite tubes. £50

245 Buick Riviera

Scarce edition with cast wheels in excellent condition £175

245 Buick Riviera

Scarce with cast wheels £100

247 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman

Nice to find one in good condition with emblem intact £60

248 Chevrolet Impala

Nice condition for this iconic issue £70

251 Hillman Imp

Very rare edition with jewelled fog lamps POA

256 East African Safari VW

Rebuilt VW1200 with original rhino. Reproduction box £80

259 Citroën 'Le Dandy' Coupé

Beautiful example in metallic maroon £100

259 Citroën Coupé

A fine example of this scarce edition in blue and white with chalky green interior. This has an original box too. £200

263 Rambler Martlin Fastback

Rare early edition with shaped wheels £60

276 Oldsmobile Toronado

The scarce one in amber-gold in very good condition. £85

280 Rolls Royce

Very nice condition, unmarked in blue. The edition with ¼ light £40

281 Rover 2000TC

Stunning example of this sought-after Whizzwheels model, rarely found with such nice paint and chrome. Price £180

301 Triumph TR2

Near mint example with damaged original box £100

R303S Mercedes 300SL re-issue

From The Corgi Model Club. As new. £65

303S Mercedes-Benz Roadster

Scarce with RN3 but missing the driver and with a damaged screen. Good paintwork and all original. £60

303S Mercedes 300SL

Rebuilt model with change of interior colour Price TBA

305 Triumph TR3

Very nice example in metallic olive green with shaped wheels

305 Mini Marcos GT850

The very rare blue edition from Gift Set 20 POA

307 E Type Jaguar

In lovely condition, choose between a red or black hard top. The model is entirely genuine and original with only minimal marks to the finish. The hard top is a replacement part. £85

307 E Type Jaguar

In lovely condition, choose between a red or black hard top. The model is entirely genuine and original with only minimal marks to the finish. The hard top is a replacement part. £85

T302 MGA

The scarce Trophy edition in silver plated finish.

309 Aston Martin DB4 Competition

Attractive model in good condition £65

314 Ferrari Berlinetta 250GT

Nice condition, complete exhausts £45

316 NSU Sport Prinz

A less common issue in metallic brick red as opposed to cerise. Very attractive condition with an original box. £120

320 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback

early edition with shaped wheels

320 Ford Mustang

Quite unusual in silver with wire wheels £100

330 Porsche Carrera

Scarce with RN1. Good condition, some playwear but excellent box £100

R335 Jaguar E Type 2+2 re-issue

From The Corgi Model Club. As new £75

337 Chevrolet Stingray 'Lazybones'

Stock car version of 310. Played with but complete £20

341 Mini Marcos GT 850

Excellent example. All original. £55

345 MGC GT

Nice example of this short-production model £55

345 MGC GT

scarce orange edition from Transporter Gift Set

372 Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato

Scarce Whizzwheels model in superb condition £95

373 VW1200 Politzei

A rare export edition with 'POLITZEI' sticker and unusual paint finish Price TBA

373 VW1200 Politzei

A rare very late export edition with 'POLITZEI' and '18' stickers and most scarcely seen paint finish. Price TBA

374 Jaguar E Type 4.2 2+2

Fine example of the 4.2 edition in solid yellow £90

375 Toyota 2000GT

The scarce metallic liquid purple edition in an original box. The model is excellent but lacks an aerial and the box is missing an original interior tray. £245

382 Porsche 911S Targa

metallic mid-blue with orange interior and original box £115

382 Porsche 911S Targa

metallic light blue with black interior and original box £75

387 Chevrolet Corvette

Late Whizzwheels edition without jewelled rear lights. Price £90

391 Ford Mustang Mach 1

The James Bond edition. Price £80

405 Bedford CA Fire Tender

Very nice example of this edition in red - very scarce without a Mechanical motor £150

405M Bedford CA Fire Tender

Fairly worn but complete and with a working motor £30

411 Karrier 'Lucozade' Van

Later edition with grey base and closed chassis sections £45

412 Bedford CA Ambulance

The rare MkII edition £60

414 Bedford Military Ambulance

Very clean and tidy example with shaped wheels £65

422 Bedford CA Van

The sought-after 50-50 edition! POA

430 Bermuda Taxi

with driver and unusual red cover

438 Land Rover

Scarce edition with red seats £80

441 VW Toblerone Van

Hard to find model with clean paintwork and complete original transfers. Nice clear Trans-o-lite lights too. £80

443 Plymouth Suburban US Mail

Very nice example £45

443 Plymouth Suburban US Mail

Beautiful near miny example with good original box £110

445 Plymouth Suburban Sports

Good example with little wear £55

R437 Cadillac Superior Ambulance

The Corgi model Club re-issue with box, certificate and packing pieces. Working lights. £65

448 Police Minivan

Nice example. All original. Normal wheels £35

448 Police Minivan

Very clean example with cast wheels £55

481 Chevrolet Impala Police Patrol

Late edition with cast wheels. Superb. £70

R485 Surfing Austin Mini-Countryman

The Corgi Model Club re-issue with surfer boy, boards and replica box. £55

497 Thrushbuster

A nice example of an early issue with shaped wheels

500 US Army Land Rover

A genuine 500 edition with first style of window unit and cream stars in lovely condition. From a collector in the States. £170

GS40-70 The Avengers

Rebuilt Bentley, original Lotus. Attractive set £140

GS40-71 The Avengers

Rebuilt Bentley, original Lotus. Attractive set £140

GS40-72 The Avengers

Attractive adaptation featuring a green Bentley with black mudguards and a restored white Lotus £175

GS40-73 The Avengers

A beautiful set with all original components including the scarcer green Bentley with red wheels, rare white Lotus with cast wheels and Steed and Emma figures and brollies. £250

1126 Ecurie Ecosse Racing Transporter

With a sticker still in place to highlight the steering and an original box with packing piece, this is teh first issue in excellent condition. £250

1138 Ford Car Transporter

Clean but playworn with some missing cab pieces £20

96655 Aston Martin

1995 Re-make of the 270 model. A very attractive and as new model with all features working and original box and certificate. £95

GS13 Ford 5000 with Plough

The later edition of this farming set with driver £95

GS36 Oldsmobile Toronado and Speedboat

A very nice complete set featuring the turquoise Oldsmobile £240