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The models illustrated below are recent additions to stock and most are available to purchase at my on-line store. The images should link to the appropriate store page but if that doesn't work, just visit the store here and search for what you'd like.

Copy Prototype Display Van

Super copy of this planned model based on the 426 Smith's Karrier. £POA

Copy Prototype Citroën Hearse

Good copy of the planned hearse using the 436 Citroën Safari with uniformed driver £POA

202 Morris Cowley

A lovely two-tone edition £70

204 Rover 90

Two-tone edition. All original. £45

206M Hillman Husky

Very rare edition in turquoise. All original and with working motor. Price TBA

207 Standard Vanguard III

Late edition with shaped wheels and red roof only £60

221 Chevrolet Impala Yellow Cab

A classic Corgi In beautiful condition. £55

228 Volvo P1800

 In red, fair condition. £35

232 Fiat 2100

Very good example, clear windows and sound suspension with a good reproduction box. £45

241 Ghia L6.4

The more common edition in deep metallic blue with a red interior and excellent bright, undamaged chrome and sound suspension. This also has a good original box. £130

241 Ghia L6.4

Really nice edition in gold with red door panels (repaired suspension) £45

245 Buick Riviera

Scarce edition with cast wheels in excellent condition £175

248 Chevrolet Impala

Nice condition for this iconic issue £70

276 Oldsmobile Toronado

Superb example of the scarce amber-gold edition £80

281 Rover 2000TC

Stunning example of this sought-after Whizzwheels model, rarely found with such nice paint and chrome. Price £180

372 Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato

Scarce Whizzwheels model in superb condition £95

404 Bedford Dormobile

Scarce 50-50 paint finish £TBA

406 Land Rover

Nice early edition £35

406 Land Rover

Nice later edition £45

406 Land Rover

Very good example, repainted canopy £45

406 Land Rover

Very nice example of Gift set 2 issue but without canopy £50

406 Land Rover

late edition £35

406S Land Rover

Scarce first issue of Series II £95

416 RAC Radio Rescue Land Rover

later 'no headboard' edition £50

416 RAC Radio Rescue Land Rover

early edition £45

416 RAC Radio Rescue Land Rover

later 'no headboard' edition £45

416S RAC Radio rescue Land Rover

with original canopy £50

417S / 477 Land Rover Breakdown 

Needs canopy, hook and cord £25

438 Land Rover

dark green earliest edition with frame rear window £35

438 Land Rover

dark green £30

438 Land Rover

excellent in turquoise with shaped wheels £45

438 Land Rover

very good in turquoise with cast wheels £45

438 Land Rover 

bright metallic green £45

438 Land Rover

turquoise £45

448 Police Minivan

Very good, missing transfers, normal wheels £25

450 Minivan

Scarce edition with silver grille £90

480 Chevrolet Taxi

Scarce model produced in 1965/6 only £70

480 Chevrolet Taxi

Very scarce model from late in short prodution run with cast wheels £70

485 Austin Mini Countryman

The Surfing edition without the boy and just one board but in super condition and MINI VAN base error £225

R485 Surfing Austin Mini-Countryman 

The Corgi Model Club re-issue with surfer boy, boards and replica box. £55

500 US Army Land Rover

A genuine 500 edition with first style of window unit and cream stars in lovely condition. From a collector in the States. £170

1116 Bloodhound Missile Launcher

Very scarce to find this item in an original box £200

1117 Bloodhound Loading Trolley

Very scarce to find this item in an original box £240

1126 Ecurie Ecosse Racing Transporter

With a sticker still in place to highlight the steering and an original box with packing piece, this is the first issue in excellent condition. £250

1138 Ford Car Transporter

Clean but playworn with some missing cab pieces £20

Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer

Deep green 438 with unusual late edition of red 102 Pony Trailer £60

Gift Set 2 Land Rover and PonyTrailer

Fawn issue with shaped wheels throughout £55

Gift Set 15 edition 

with cast wheels £35

Gift Set 17 edition 


Gift Set 19/22 edition 


GS36 Oldsmobile Toronado and Speedboat

A very nice complete set featuring the turquoise Oldsmobile £240

Gift Set 38 Monte Carlo Rally 1965

Three very good models in a reproduction box and tray. £360

GS40-83 The Avengers £170

GS40-84 The Avengers £150

GS40-85 The Avengers £135

96655 Aston Martin

1995 Re-make of the 270 model. A very attractive and as new model with all features working and original box and certificate. £95