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The models illustrated below are recent additions to stock and most are available to purchase at my on-line store. The images should link to the appropriate store page but if that doesn't work, just visit the store here and search for what you'd like.

226 Morris Mini-Minor
coming soon
252 Rover 2000 in marooncoming soon
447 Wall's Ice Cream Van
Gift Set 1 Ford 5000 + Beast Carrier
204M Rover 90
218 Aston Martin with cast wheels
211S Studebaker Golden Hawk late edition, gold painted not plated
252 Rover 2000 in maroon
1995 re-issue of the 270 Aston Martin
Very rare 305 Mini Marcos in blue from Gift Set 20
Very rare 245 Buick in pale blue with cast wheels
Scarce 218 Aston Martin with fixed shaped wheels
224 Bentley Continental
Rare transition edition of 387 Corvette with jewelled rear lights
Scarce ADAC edition of VW1200
150 Vanwall with original box
225 Austin Mini
419 Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol
208S Jaguar 2.4 with shaped wheels
229 Chevrolet Corvair
301 Triumph TR2
Export Promotion 611 Motel Chalet
GS19 with Land Rover amber beacon
234 Ford Consul Classic 315
478 in metallic green + lamp standard and electrician
316 NSU Prinz Sports
351 RAF Land Rover
352 RAF Staff car
211S Studebaker Golden Hawk (gold plated)
211S Studebaker Golden Hawk (gold plated)
211S Studebaker Golden Hawk (silver plated)
211M Jaguar 2.4 (selection of models)
264 Oldsmobile Toronado with shaped wheels
273 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
AN1104 Ford Consul 50th Anniv. Green
156 Cooper-Maserati F1 Racing Car
150 Vanwall
419 Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol
Gift Set 29 Tractor + Trailer
208S Jaguar 2.4
402 Ford Cortina MkIII Police Car
445 Plymouth Suburban Sports (colour trial)
Gift Set 35 London Taxi
Auto-Pilen Chevrolet Sting Ray
409 Unimog Dumper Truck (1st edition)
409 Unimog Dumper Truck (2nd edition)
406 Unimog Truck (1st edition)
406 Unimog Truck (2nd edition)

209 Riley Pathfinder patrol Car with shaped wheels

216M Austin A40

443 Plymouth Suburban Sports US Mail
205 Riley Pathfinder (non-mechanical) in blue

218 Aston Martin with fixed shaped wheels

310 Chevrolet Sting Ray in bronze

302 Hillman Hunter Rally with kangaroo

468 AEC Routemaster London Bus without jewels

1118 International US Edition with scarce canopy and Allied insignia
1133 US Army Troop Carrier
241 Ghia L6.4 with cream interior

305 Mini Marcos GT850 in white + original box

204 Morris Mini Minor with silver base
438 Land Rover in deep green with grey canopy
264 Oldsmobile Toronado + original box

Not yet released for sale
Daktari Gift Set 14!
Auto-Pilen Citroen SM with original box
211M Studebaker Golden Hawk Mechanical
601 Batley Leofric Garage
603 Silverstone Press Box
316 NSU Sport Prinz in cerise
205M Riley Pathfinder Mechanical in red
280 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
322 Rover 2000 Monte Carlo
318 Lotus ElanImmaculate in good original box
GS15Early edition with all-white roof on the Horse Box and shaped wheels on the Land Rover
96655A 1995 re-issue of the first 270 model. Mint.
Auto-Pilen Ghia Mangusta de Tomaso
V26002Hillman Imp in Coastguard livery
273 Rolls RoyceThis is the rare one in silver over metallic blue. Immaculate in original box
226 Morris Mini-MinorScarce early edition with shaped wheels

Vanguards PC2002

Hillman Imp and Triumph Heralds Police cars
Auto-Pilen Mercedes-Benz C111Much better than the Corgi 388 it copies
245 Buick RivieraOne of two in pale blue from GS31grab hook version
245 Buick RivieraOne of two in pale blue from GS31button hook version
Auto-Pilen Adams Probecopy of Corgi 384 model

Auto-Pilen Chevrolet Astro 1.6

Super copy of the Corgi 374 model
309 Aston MartinA copy of the December 1964 edition with wire wheels
270 Aston MartinThe first version of the silver James Bond Aston Martin
241 Ghia L6.4A very rare edition in copper


50th Anniversary model in chrome finish

470 Jeep FC-150

A near mint model but missing its canopy

803 Yellow Submarine

The scarce first edition with white and yellow covers and red waterline

GS40 The Avengers

Green Bentley and restored Lotus in excellent reproduction box