Other models

This is a list of all the models which were issued from around 1969 and were either in a larger 1:36 scale or featured airplanes, racing cars, military machinery, film and TV characters, a range of items quite distinct from the 1956-70s era that I specialise in.

I am particularly grateful to Daniel Feuchtwanger of Brooklyn, New York, who provided much of this data after extensive research, to which I have added items from my own research. Information about some of the models produced in the 1980s is a little sparse, with many models issued as the company tried to survive in its later years. The company entered receivership in November 1983 but as the Receivers would continue to try and sell some products and a later management buy-out resulted in some models continuing to be produced in Hong Kong it is uncertain as to precisely when some models ceased to be produced. In those instances, I have used the date 1984 for convenience only.

I believe this listing, coupled with the 1956-70s era lists, to be the most complete available at this time. I would, of course, appreciate any corrections or suggestions for inclusion. This page features the items in date order. Use the links to view the same list in either Alphabetical or Catalogue Number order.